Crowd 2015

My Show "Crowd" is opening May 22nd 2015 at Gallery Page and Strange in Halifax NS. This is sample of some of the work in the show.


This recent grouping gives more focus to the gradual shift from the individual to the collective, witnessing complex but recognizable patterns emerge and fade into new ones. The bustle of activity contains a simultaneous stillness that echoes the past, much like the frozen but ghostly remnants of a historical photograph have an ability to suggest an essence - something that goes beyond the physical body. The crowd has a perpetual element of uncertainty; tiny changes at any given time could lead to monumental shifts of endless variation. 

 Collection of Humans 48"x42"

6% to Change Direction 42"x48"

Mascot 42"x48"

National Historic Site 36"x36"

In Circles and Squares 42"x48"

Queue Area 30"x30"

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